What We Do:

We publish Classical curriculum, from a Christian perspective, created for the homeschool.

Roman Roads combines its technical expertise with the experience of established authorities in the field of classical education to create quality video courses and resources tailored to the homeschooler. Just as the first century roads of the Roman Empire were the physical means by which the early church spread the gospel far and wide, so Roman Roads Media uses today’s technology to bring timeless truth, goodness, and beauty into your home. By combining excellent instruction augmented with visual aids and examples, we help inspire in your children a lifelong love of learning.

Why Roman Roads Media?

Our Vision:

To make high quality classical Christian education accessible, affordable, and flexible for the Christian homeschooler.

Our Mission:

To partner with master-teachers of classical education, turning their knowledge, wisdom, and experience into high-quality curriculum, leveraging the power of video technology and the internet to bring it into the hands of homeschoolers and classical schools.

Who’s Behind Roman Roads Media?

Daniel Foucachon and his familyDaniel Foucachon

Founder & CEO

Daniel Foucachon grew up in Lyon, France where his family was church-planting with MTW. He was homeschooled for most of his education, attending a Classical Christian School for two years in Lyon. He then moved to Moscow, Idaho in 2005 to attend New Saint Andrews College, and graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts and Culture in 2009. While finishing school and working in his father’s French restaurant, “West of Paris,” he ran a  local media production company where he sub-contracted with Canon Press to create CanonWired. In 2010 he founded Roman Roads Media with the desire to bring quality Classical Christian Education to the homeschooler. He now lives in Moscow, Idaho with his wife Lydia, and four kids (Edmund, William, Margaux, and Ethan).

David Foucachon and FamilyDavid Foucachon
Curriculum Development Manager

David graduated from Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, before attending New Saint Andrews College where he met his wife Annie. He has 2 little girls, and newborn baby boy. He oversees curriculum development and company operations, as well accounting. He is also the resident master of caffeine.


10636617_10202067517088894_3878873034824891639_oCooper White
Producer / DP / Special Effects

Cooper hails from Atlanta, GA, where he was homeschooled k-12. He joined Roman Roads Media in April 2012, and is gifted in After Effects and on-set lighting, and makes all of our stuff shine. His experience on the set of several feature films prior to joining us has greatly benefited our work. He wasn’t a coffee drinker before working for Roman Roads. He married Jacque Black in June 2014, and it was a beautiful Black and White themed wedding. Cooper and Jacque are expecting their first child in April 2015.

jamesnanceJames Nance

Curriculum Development and Teacher
Jim Nance received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University in 1984, and after working for Boeing for 5 years, moved to Moscow, Idaho where he taught Logic, Rhetoric, Calculus, Physics, and Doctrine at Logos School for 25 years. During that time he developed several curriculums, including the award-winning Introductory and Intermediate Logic. He enjoys teaching, reading, acting, and playing games with my friends and family. He and his wife Giselle have four children: Jamie, Josiah, Jacqueline, and Jonathan.


abbie2Abigail Buckingham
Business Development (US and Canada)
Abbie grew up in New York state, and was homeschooled k-12, including online classes during high school with Wesley Callihan through Schola Classical Tutorials. She graduated from the University of Idaho in 2013 with two BAs – one in Nutrition and a second in Violin Performance. She and her husband Bill are avid musicians and have produced one album so far.



Valerie Foucachon
Business Development (International)
Valerie grew up in France under the ancien regime of her older brother, for whom she now works. She studied under Wes Callihan in high school through Schola Classical Tutorials, and then attended Logos School where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Valerie recently graduated Cum Laude from New Saint Andrews College, and is an official Latin Nerd. She shows her love for the classics by quoting from the Aeneid at random times (in Latin of course).



George Callihan

George has the ideal education for the work at hand: 17 years of private tutelage by Wes Callihan himself. In addition to editing and asset research, George is also our resident pun expert.



abeAbe Bratrud
Abe is, in his own words, a “Poet, Intern, Warrior” at Roman Roads Media. In addition to being a quick learner, he brings an important bonus skill to this job: his knowledge of Latin. He is currently a Senior at New Saint Andrews College, recently married his wife, MaryBeth. Since he also work at Bucers Coffeeshop, he’s always awake and alert.



Mary AbrahamMary Abraham
Textbook Development

Mary Abraham was born and raised in central Ohio. She was homeschooled through high school, taking several online courses in high school from Wes Callihan through Schola Classical Tutorials. She graduated from Cedarville University in 2011 with a B.A. in Chemistry (with a pre-med emphasis) and Music (piano with a piano pedagogy emphasis), and completed an M.S. in Chemistry at Wright State University in July 2013. Mary has been teaching online science classes since 2013. In her free time, she still enjoys playing and teaching piano and reading as many books as possible.


Valerie Anne BostValerie Anne Bost
Typesetting and Design
Valerie move out West from Maryland seeking warm weather and sunshine. In spite of the snow, she is sticking around, and we’re very grateful! Cheerful even when the stack of work is higher than the snow drift outside, Valerie is to thank for all the beautiful layouts of the workbooks and Guide to the Art booklets, as well as making sure we avoid speling erors. (She doesn’t chek this paage).


George HarrellGeorge Harrell
Textbook Development
George graduated from New Saint Andrews College with a degree in Liberal Arts and Culture, and then proceeded to get his Masters in Trinitarian Theology, also at NSA. He helps us with textbook development and quality control.




Rachel Rosales
Graphic Designer
Rachel owns and operates Orange Peal Design.


Kjell ChristophersenKjell Christophersen
Board of Directors & Business Adviser

Kjell is the co-founder of EMSI, an economic modeling tech-firm in Moscow, Idaho. He holds an MBA and PhD in Economics. He believes in the vision and mission of Roman Roads Media, and acts as a business consultant.




Timothy Van Den BroekTimothy Van Den Broek
Board of Directors & Business Adviser 

In addition to bringing wisdom and experience in his capacity as advisor to the management, Timothy adds some British humour to this Frenchman-founded company. Timothy is the CFO of EMSI, and previously a successful  entrepreneur in England.




Rod OlpsRod Olps
Board of Directors & Business Adviser

Rod Olps brings years of experience and wisdom to Roman Roads Media. He is currently VP of Human Capital at EMSI, a local economic modeling company. Prior to that he served as President and COO of Bomgar, a fast-growing technology company in Jackson, MS.





Our Teachers

Wesley Callihan
Schola Classical Tutorials

Wes Callihan is the instructor for our Old Western Culture series, and has taught the Great Books for nearly 30 years. He currently runs Schola Classical Tutorials and Hill Abbey, and films with us in between.

Matt Whitling
Logos School, Moscow, ID

Matt Whitling is the instructor for our Grammar of Poetry video course. He has taught 6th grade at Logos School for many years, and is currently their Principal.

James Nance
Logos School, Moscow, ID

Jim Nance is the instructor for our Introductory Logic and Intermediate Logic video course. He teaches Logic, Rhetoric, Doctrine, and more at Logos School, in Moscow, Idaho.

Francis Foucachon
Pastor and Chef

Francis Foucachon has been a church-planter and pastor with the Presbyterian Church in America for 30 years. He was formally trained as a classical Chef in Lyon, France. He teaches our French Cuisine Elective (coming December 2013), and sometimes acts as “Resident Chef” for the hard working staff at Roman Roads, most of whom happen to be his children. He is the French Project Co-coordinator for Third Millennium Ministries and President of Huguenot Heritage, Inc. He has written a book, Food for Thought and Thoughtful Food, and is an occasional speaker on the subject of food, theology, and missions.

Donna Foucachon
French Teacher

Donna has a degree in French Education from Gordon College, and taught French at Winter Park Highschool in Orlando, Florida, before becoming a homeschool mom of five, and raising those 5 children in France on the mission field. She plans to combine her knowledge as a teacher (and homeschooler) with the cultural experience of living in France to create a unique approach to learning French that integrates the history and culture of France into the daily lessons. French I and French II are slated for production in 2014.

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