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Old Western Culture: A Christian Approach to the Great Books
Old Western Culture is a new video course by Roman Roads Media made in collaboration with Wesley Callihan of Schola Tutorials. A veteran teacher of the classics, Wesley Callihan teaches in a story-telling fashion, his only notes being the worn copies of the Great Books beside him. Each year of Old Western Culture contains 4 units. Each unit contains 12 lectures (4 DVDs, 5-6 hrs). The Greeks includes: The Epics, Drama and Lyric, The Histories, and The Philosophers. This is a double-credit course (Literature and Social Studies). While not an art course, over 100 classical paintings and artwork are woven into each unit!

Year 2, The Romans, is in production, and will be released starting Summer 2014!

The Grammar of Poetry | Video Course & Textbooks
The Grammar Of Poetry is a video course and textbook that teaches the mechanics of poetry by using the classical approach of imitation. It is designed for the 6-9th grade level, but is also appropriate for older children and adults seeking to achieve a better knowledge of how poetry works. Thirty lessons, and 9 modules. The video course, filmed with the author, Matt Whitling, brings the subject matter to life while providing clear, detailed instruction. Click on the image to find out more!


The Romans | Old Western CultureOld Western Culture: The Romans is a full year of instruction which includes four units: The Aeneid, The Historians, Early Christianity, and Nicene Christianity. With over 20 hours of video with accompanying exercises for each assignment, exams, and a robust reading load, The Romans offers the homeschooler or school a complete literature and social studies curriculum. Give your student a classical education from a master-teacher, using this complete, homeschool-friendly, easy-to-use curriculum!


old-western-culture-4-yearsThis page will allow you to take the Old Western Culture curriculum for a test drive! Watch full lessons from the curriculum, fun excerpts, browse the workbooks, exams, and art guides, as well as get to know Wes Callihan, the instructor. Click HERE to access the sample pages.