Old Western Culture is a 16 part, 4 year Great Books Humanities course. Click HERE for an overview of this curriculum series.


    Christendom is currently in production, and will be available to ship August 2014.
    Christendom at a Glance:
    Unit 1: Early Medieval Period (St. Benedict, Bede, Charlemagne, and Alfred the Great)
    Unit 2: The Defense of the Faith (Anselm, Geffrey of Monmouth, The Golden Legend)
    Unit 3: The Medieval Mind (Dante and Aquinas)
    Unit 4: The Reformation (Erasmus, Calvin, Spencer, and Chaucer)

    More detailed information, including specific assignments of above mentioned authors, lecture titles, and sample videos will be available closer to the publication date. If you have a specific question email info@romanroadsmedia.com with your question!

    Early Moderns is currently in production, and will be available to ship February 2015.
    Early Moderns at a Glance:
    Unit 1: Early British Poetry (Metaphysical Poets, Milton, Shakespeare, and Bunyan)
    Unit 2: The Rise of Enlightenment (Bacon, Descartes, Locke, Rousseau, Jefferson, Burke, and Toqueville)
    Unit 3: Later British Poets(Neo-Classical Poetry, Victorian Poetry, and Romantic Poetry)
    Unit 4: The Novels (Austen, Dickens, Dostoevsky, and Hugo)

    More detailed information, including specific assignments of above mentioned authors, lecture titles, and sample videos will be available closer to the publication date. If you have a specific question email info@romanroadsmedia.com with your question!

Books/authors covered in this unit:
Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon
Table of Contents:
12 lectures, see "More Info" tab below.

Greeks: The Histories

Old Western Culture: The Greeks | The Histories
By Wesley Callihan

The Histories is the third installment in The Greeks, year one of Old Western Culture. In this unit, Wesley Callihan introduces the student to three of history's most influential early historians. Students will learn about Herodotus, "The Father of History", as they read his masterpiece, The Histories, and its inquiries into the origins of the Greco-Persian Wars. They will read and learn about Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War and its forays into the earliest expressions of political philosophy. And last they will read Xenophon's Anabasis, the famous account which reads like a novel as it chronicles the march of ten thousand Greeks soldiers on their treacherous journey home through enemy territory. Join Wesley and experience his contagious enthusiasm for learning as he draws from decades of teaching experience by summarizing, expositing, and drawing connections from the texts.

Greeks: The Histories contains a full color "Course Guide and Art Notes" booklet which you will find in the front cover of the DVD case. The student workbook and answer key is available in printable PDF format accessible on the DVD-ROM portion of disc 1. There you will also find a digital e-book version of all the assigned readings. SHIPPING NOW!

Make sure and visit our MATERIALS page HERE for the PDF version of the student workbook (free with purchase of DVDs), Answer Key, exams, eTexts for all the Great Books, and extra resources.

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          If you could take only ten books to a deserted island on which you were to be marooned for the rest of your life, what would they be? As Mortimer Adler says, this is no game--we are all in precisely that position. We are simply unable to read all the books there are; therefore, we had better choose well. Some books exercise our minds by their rigor and move our spirits by their beauty with every reading, some books help us communicate with our culture because they have been a common element in education for centuries, some books aid our understanding of the physical world by a clear exposition of careful observations by powerful minds, but only a very few books do any of these things well. And as C. S. Lewis says, old books give us a radically different perspective on life and our assumptions, and no modern books can do this at all, no matter how good they are.

    As Christians, we understand that ours is an historical faith, one that originated, developed, and grew in certain times at certain places. To study and understand the long stream of history and thought, and to comprehend our place in that stream, is to increase our appreciation of our cultural inheritance, our ability to use wisely and build faithfully upon that inheritance, and our ability to understand and respond to God's work in history.

    The conclusion we may draw from all of this is that the old books are best, and the best of the old books are the best of all. That is why we read the Great Books.

    Join us in Old Western Culture as we explore the best of the old books, from a Christian perspective!


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    Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon.

    Lecture 1 - Overview of Greek History
    Lecture 2 - Herodotus 1: The Story of Croesus
    Lecture 3 - Herodotus 2: Stories of Egypt and the other nations
    Lecture 4 - Herodotus 3: The Beginning of the Persian Wars and the Battle of Marathon
    Lecture 5 - Herodotus 4: The Battle of Thermopylae
    Lecture 6 - Herodotus 5: The Battle of Salamis, and the End of the Persian Wars
    Lecture 7 - Thucydides 1: Introduction, Thucydides' Philosophy of History, and the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War
    Lecture 8 - Thucydides 2: The Early Years, Pericles, and the Great Plague
    Lecture 9 - Thucydides 3: Mytiline, Exile, Revolution, and Melos
    Lecture 10 - Thucydides 4: The Sicilian Campaign, and the Downfall of Athens
    Lecture 11 - Xenophon: The March of the Ten Thousand
    Lecture 12 - The Lessons of Greek History

    Average lesson length is 30 min.

    When you purchase The Histories you receive the DVD set, or access to the online streaming portal.
    Accompanying materials include:
    - A Student Workbook and Answer Key in PDF format (optional physical version available).
    - A "Guide to the Art" booklet (inside the DVD case).
    - An A and B exam with teacher guide and answer key.
    - All required texts in eText (PDF and Kindle edition). Physical books recommended for the pleasure of the reader.

    All these materials, including full lessons, can be previewed on our Sample Page.

    Old Western Culture is intended for mature and discerning students. We recommend this course for ages 14 and up. The course will deal with mature themes such as paganism, sexual immorality, battle scenes (mostly in actual reading), and classical paintings. Old Western Culture is meant to equip your child with a Biblical lens from which to process these themes. We assume your child has a working knowledge of the Bible and basic Christian doctrine.

    The workbook gives the student questions to answer for every lesson, discussion questions to think about, and a host of further resources for the student that wants to go further (or study for a paper!). A Teacher's Edition includes all the answers. We encourage students to answer the questions on their own before referencing the Teacher's Edition.

    A PDF version of the Workbook and Teacher's Edition is included on the first disc of each unit, and permission is granted for unlimited reproduction within your immediate familiy.

    We sell a physical workbook (with answer key) that covers all four units of The Greeks in one volume. This offers an alternative to using the PDFs, and reduces printing time, costs, and hassle. It is spiral bound, and like the PDFs, is reproducible within your immediate family.

    TEXTS: If you would like to purchase hard copies of the texts for The Histories, please purchase the texts below. While any editions and translations will do, the following list includes our recommended translations and editions. Remember that you can also use the included digital versions. See The Greeks page for an overview on original texts.

      - The Landmark Herodotus: The Histories
      - The Landmark Thucydides
      - Xenophon: The Persian Expedition

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    Title: Classical education, from a Christian perspective, created for the homeschool
    by: Joseph White, GA, USA | PRODUCT: Old Western Culture: The Greeks
    This has to be the best curriculum we have found for studying the great classics! We've been homeschooling for about 15 years and have not found anything like this. Mr. Callihan is knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining. He speaks to the students as if he is right there with them. Not only have they chosen excellent books but all the information that he shares with the student makes this a perfect Literature and Social Studies course. On top of that, they have included a booklet with some of the most beautiful artwork to accompany the course. It's like walking through a museum.

    Frequently, my son shares a story at the dinner table about what Mr. Callihan said. We all get to enjoy his stories. It also lets me know he's "getting it."

    I would highly recommend this to any family interested in a Classical Christian education. You will not be disappointed with Old Western Culture or Roman Roads Media.
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