Old Western Culture: The Romans is a full year of instruction which includes four units: The Aeneid, The Historians, Early Christianity, and Nicene Christianity. With over 20 hours of video with accompanying exercises for each assignment, and a robust reading load, The Romans offers the homeschooler or school a complete literature and social studies curriculum.


    Christendom is currently in production, and will be available to ship Summer 2015.
    Christendom at a Glance:
    Unit 1: Early Medieval Period (St. Benedict, Bede, Charlemagne, and Alfred the Great)
    Unit 2: The Defence of the Faith (Anselm, Geffrey of Monmouth, The Golden Legend)
    Unit 3: The Medieval Mind (Dante and Aquinas)
    Unit 4: The Reformation (Erasmus, Calvin, Spencer, and Chaucer)

    More detailed information, including specific assignments of above mentioned authors, lecture titles, and sample videos will be available closer to the publication date. If you have a specific question email info@romanroadsmedia.com with your question!

    Early Moderns is currently in production, and will be available to ship Summer 2016.
    Early Moderns at a Glance:
    Unit 1: Early British Poetry (Metaphysical Poets, Milton, Shakespeare, and Bunyan)
    Unit 2: The Rise of Enlightenment (Bacon, Descartes, Locke, Rousseau, Jefferson, Burke, and Toqueville)
    Unit 3: Later British Poets(Neo-Classical Poetry, Victorian Poetry, and Romantic Poetry)
    Unit 4: The Novels (Austen, Dickens, Dostoevsky, and Hugo)

    More detailed information, including specific assignments of above mentioned authors, lecture titles, and sample videos will be available closer to the publication date. If you have a specific question email info@romanroadsmedia.com with your question!

THE AENEID includes:
12 Lectures on 4 DVDs, PDF Workbooks,
Teacher's Edition, course guide (4x), 5 texts in PDF
Table of Contents: see "More Info" tab below.

ROMANS: The Aeneid

Unit 1 of The Romans
Old Western Culture Curriculum
By Wes Callihan

In this course Wesley Callihan covers one the greatest classics of the West, The Aeneid of Vergil, going over this epic poem itself, teaching an appreciation for the work, but also explaining its vast influence on Western culture and civilization. Wesley then turns his attention to some of the lesser known, yet very important, Roman Epics: Ovid's Metamorphosis, and the epics of Lucretius, Lucan, and Statius.
In story-like fashion, he steers the reader through the plot, poetic devices, background, philosophy, history, and beauty of these epic poems, as well as how we should approach these monuments of Western culture from a Christian perspective.

Includes 12 lectures, a Student Workbook & Answer Key (PDF), Guide to the Art booklet, Final Exams (PDF), and all of the “Great Book” texts in digital format. Physical workbooks available below.
Relive the Great Books that shaped Western civilization!

4 DVD set. Runtime: approx. 6 hrs. PRE-ORDER ONLY. Shipping at publication. The Aeneid ships July 2014.

DVD The Aenied DVD set
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SELF-PACED ONLINE: FULL YEAR ONLY The Romans: Self-paced curriculum.
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Recommended Add-on Textbooks PUBLISHED BY ROMAN ROADS:
THE AENEID WORKBOOK spiral-bound workbook | 60 pages
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These are "The Great Books," they
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own at least some of these books.
Feel free to use your own copy!
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editions are not required.
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Make sure and visit our MATERIALS page HERE for the PDF version of the student workbook (free with purchase of DVDs), Answer Key, exams, eTexts for all the Great Books, and extra resources.!


    “Old Western Culture” is a literature curriculum named after a term coined by C.S. Lewis to describe the fabric of ideas that shaped Western Civilization. For centuries, a “Great Books” education lay at the heart of what it meant to be educated. It was the education of the Church Fathers, of the Medieval Church, of the Reformers, and of all the Founding Fathers of the Unites States. It is a CLASSICAL EDUCATION, based on the great books of western civilization. It is a CHRISTIAN EDUCATION, which sees the history and literature of the West through the eyes of the Bible and historic Christianity. It is an INTEGRATED HUMANITIES CURRICULUM, bringing together literature, history, philosophy, doctrine, geography, and art. And it is a HOMESCHOOL oriented curriculum, made by homeschoolers with the needs of homeschooled in mind, including flexibility, affordability, and ease-of-use. We bring a master-teacher into your home, and encourage parents to gain an overview of Western Civilization themselves by watching the video lessons with their children.

    Old Western Culture is a video course. It is built around a master teacher, Wes Callihan. With decades of teaching experience, he guides students through the story of Western civilization. Each unit of The Greeks (year 1 of Old Western Culture) contains 12 video lessons (48 in year 1, approx 30 min each).
    Each lesson begins with a brief review before jumping into summary, commentary, analysis, and inter-disciplnary connections of the works covered. After each lesson, students complete the assigned readings, and asnswer comprehension questions in the Student Workbook.

    The Greeks is divided into 4 units:
    1. The Epics. Works covered: The Iliad and The Odyssey
    2. Drama and Lyric. Works covered: A collection of Greek plays and poetry.
    3. The Histories. Works covered: Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon
    4. The Philosophers. Works covered: selected readings from Plato and Aristotle.

    Wes Callihan is a master story teller! With a remarkable ability to communicate a passion for history and literature, he makes profound ideas accessible, relevent, and interesting. Also known for his distinctive "rabbit trailers," forays into funny and obscure historical anactodes, which have a way of showing up at the dinner table. (After all, rabbit trails are "hooks for the imagination and memory.") Wes Callihan is a true classical scholar, fluent in both Latin and Greek. He lectures only from the notes in the margins of his worn copies of the Great Books.


    Visit our all new SAMPLE LESSONS page!

    The Sample Page will allow you to take the Old Western Culture curriculum for a test drive! Watch full lessons from the curriculum, fun excerpts, browse the workbooks, exams, and art guides, as well as get to know Wes Callihan, the instructor.
    THE AENEID is unit 1 of 4 of The Romans, year 2 in the Old Western Culture curriculum. The othe three units include: The Historians, Early Christianity, and Nicene Christianity.

    THE AENEID is worth a half-credit (literature/history). The full year curriculum is worth 2 full high school credits. (1 literature, 1 history). We expect students to spend around 3 hours each day working on this course, over a period of 9 weeks (using recommended schedule). This is a robust course academically, and requires a lot of reading. Wesley Callihan will coach your student on how to approach the reading in the video. While the reading might be considered heavy, it is very doable! Wesley Callihan has taught countless students the Great Books over more than 30 years - you're in good hands!

    WHAT'S INCLUDED: When you purchase Old Western Culture: The Romans you get all four DVD sets or access to the online self-paced portal. The DVDs come with a student workbook and Teacher's Edition workbook in PDF format (copies permitted within your own household), and a guide to the art booklet for each unit. See "The Books" tabs for more info.

    Average lesson length: 30 min

    1. Introduction to The Romans: Overview of Roman History, its importance to Old Western Culture, and a Survey of the books Covered in this series
    2. Introduction to the Aeneid: Vergil, Secondary Epic, and the Writing, Worldview, and Influence of the Aeneid
    3. Rome is an Idea (Aeneid Book I)
    4. The Fall of Troy and The Wanderings of Aeneas (Aeneid Book II & III)
    5. The Tragedy of Dido (Aeneid Book IV)
    6. The Underworld (Aeneid Book V & VI)
    7. The Broken Truce and the Shield of Aeneas (Aeneid Book VII & VIII)
    8. The Tragedy of Nisus and Euryalos (Aeneid Book IX & X)
    9. Camilla, Juno's Surrender, and the Death of Turnus (Aeneid Book XI & XII)
    10. Metamorphoses I
    11. Metamorphoses II
    12. The Epics of Lucretius, Lucan, and Statius

    Old Western Culture is intended for mature and discerning students. We recommend this course for ages 14 and up. The course will deal with mature themes such as paganism, sexual immorality, battle scenes (mostly in actual reading), and classical paintings. Old Western Culture is meant to equip your child with a Biblical lens from which to process these themes. We assume your child has a working knowledge of the Bible and basic Christian doctrine.

    The workbook gives the student questions to answer for every lesson, discussion questions to think about, and a host of further resources for the student that wants to go further (or study for a paper!). An Answer Key includes answers at the back of the book. We encourage students to answer the questions on their own before referencing the Answer Key.

    Download the workbooks in PDF format from the MATERIALS PAGE.

    We sell a physical version of the workbook, which offers an alternative to using the PDFs, thus reducing printing time, costs, and hassle. It is spiral bound, and like the PDFs, is reproducible within your immediate family.

     - The Aeneid
     - Ovid's Metamorphoses
     - The excerpts of the other Roman Epics assigned in this term are included in the Student Workbook. You may purchase the physical workbook here, or download the PDF on the MATERIALS page.
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    Title: Classical education, from a Christian perspective, created for the homeschool
    by: Joseph White, GA, USA | PRODUCT: Old Western Culture: The Greeks
    This has to be the best curriculum we have found for studying the great classics! We've been homeschooling for about 15 years and have not found anything like this. Mr. Callihan is knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining. He speaks to the students as if he is right there with them. Not only have they chosen excellent books but all the information that he shares with the student makes this a perfect Literature and Social Studies course. On top of that, they have included a booklet with some of the most beautiful artwork to accompany the course. It's like walking through a museum.

    Frequently, my son shares a story at the dinner table about what Mr. Callihan said. We all get to enjoy his stories. It also lets me know he's "getting it."

    I would highly recommend this to any family interested in a Classical Christian education. You will not be disappointed with Old Western Culture or Roman Roads Media.